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Wire And Cable Problems Should Increase Its Efforts To Promote The Quality And Integrity Of The System Construction
- Sep 06, 2016 -

Wire and cable product quality is "made in China" typical characterization of the industry is in a transition phase, it is market economy system in the process of establishing perfect, with long-term, complicated and arduous "life issues".

Chinese wire and cable Professional 97% are small and medium companies, large enterprises as long as 1 to 9, this 19 large companies only accounted for 11.7% of the national market share, also do not constitute all the globalization competition leading companies or multinational corporations.

Advance the wire and cable industry quality system construction

Deepened to promote quality and safety wire and cable production companies self-commitment to action, full responsibility for the purposes of product quality. Strengthen legal supervision, wire and cable product included in the list of commodity quality supervision, continued to insist on strengthening supervision of wire and cable production companies, and severely impact quality of illegal practices. Tough to handle, set up quality supervision, supply management and bidding purchase mechanism, advance the credit system construction of wire and cable company, advance product quality assurance. Increase assumed the responsibility of wire and cable company's exit, and assumed the responsibility to not strong companies and not in line with industrial policies and terms, shall revoke production licenses, access to talent.