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Wire And Cable Market Development Prospect
- Sep 06, 2016 -

At present, China's total of wire and cable manufacturing more than 3,000 enterprises, most of which were small business, mainly concentrated in the southeastern coastal provinces. From the perspective of research, most of the cable factory producing both power cables, communication cables and cable. In 2015, the polyethylene cable's total requirement of 180~185 KT. Our cable production can be divided into several situations: one is the production in the chemical industry.

Rate and product variety to meet the domestic market share of more than 90% worldwide, wire and cables industry is second only to the auto industry's second-largest industry in China. Gross output value of China's wire and cable has exceeded the United States, as the world's largest electric wire and cable producer. Along with the high-speed development of Chinese wire and cable industry, number of new enterprises rose from time to time, industry overall technological level has been greatly improved.