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Wire And Cable Industry, Claims To Be The Country Beyond The Auto Industry's Second-largest Industry
- Sep 06, 2016 -

China's wire and cable industry, for industry inflated lead ' industry concentration is not high ' comment I heard growing up, think the cable industry only ' concentration ', to produce ' loud world brands and multinational groups ' to ' full participation in global competition. How to evaluate the concentration of the cable industry issues, cannot be separated from China's specific conditions and emphasize centralized. Should know: is a special State of the cable industry created a special. There is information indicating that, according to the National Bureau of statistics 2009, State-owned national cable industry enterprises above designated size and a total of 4,653 (actual quantity nearly), 98.8% are small and medium enterprises, large enterprises only 19, 19 large enterprises accounted for 11.7% of the market. United States 3 largest producers account for 54%, Japan 86% 7, United Kingdom 95% 12. So, based on this information concludes that, although China is the cable manufacturing power, but no company can really claim to be industry leader, much less form a industry chain size, no loud world brands and multinational groups, it is difficult to fully participate in the global competition.