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Welding Cable With Waterproof, Anti-corrosion, Moisture
- Jul 12, 2017 -

In the cold at that time, some companies do the antifreeze? Especially the use of hardware products more companies, because many of the hardware goods are exposed to the outside, so the anti-freeze work to pay attention.

First of all, in the selection of information to pay attention to the selection of resistance to the cold Welding Cable, because the snow falls on the cable and the gap between the cable, the cable center of gravity on the simple tendency of the snow parts, and then a force, So that the cable rotation, the snowball will roll more, complete the collapse. Thus, the rotation of the Welding Cable is the most important cause of icing.

Second, in the wire and cable modified antifreeze coating. The so-called antifreeze paint, in fact, is a high temperature insulation coating may be reflective insulation coating. Designed to withstand the intention of antifreeze. Other usually also has a waterproof, anti-corrosion, moisture, crack, fire, insulation and other functions.

Welding Cable waterproofing is an important measure to protect the cable. Renqiu Hao Chang in the waterproof to give you some knowledge to introduce: In order to prevent the Welding Cable water, should give priority to the following measures.

1, the cable connector should be sealed, cut off the end of the cable, stacking or laying should be sealed with plastic to prevent water penetration.

2, after the laying of wires and cables should be promptly in production.

3, the purchase of cable: must choose the quality of the manufacturer: because the insulation of the impurities, the stomatal water tree starting point, and the cable quality is very important to prevent water tree aging.

4, to strengthen the cable head production process management: Once the cable into the water, is the earliest breakdown phenomenon is often a thread, so the wire production wells, can extend the life of the cable.

5, the cold cable head: 3m cold shrink silicone rubber cable accessories, production is simple and convenient, no lights, no welding.

Domestic welding Welding Cable, imported material welding gun cable, in the same high temperature 449 degrees, the same time within 5 minutes of temperature test results --- domestic welding Welding Cable has become brittle and serious damage, imported material welding gun cable intact, without any damage.

Welding Cable workers to reduce the harm:

1, directly lead to welding cable or crimp hot!

2, the welding current is insufficient to lead to splash increase directly waste welding consumables!

3, the cable is low, can cause the local voltage rise in the formation of high temperature burst (may cause welders accidental burns)!

Welding Cable is based on the length of the basic units of measurement, all wire and cable are from the conductor processing, in the conductor of the outer layer of a layer of insulation, shielding, into a cable, protective layer made of wire and cable products. The more complex the product structure, the more the level of stacking.

First, the welding torch product manufacturing process characteristics:

Large-length continuous stacking combination of production methods, the impact of wire and cable production is the overall and control, which involves and affect the production workshop of various equipment must be reasonable according to the product requirements of the process emissions, so that the various semi- Flow in turn. Equipment configuration to consider the production efficiency of different production capacity balance, and some equipment may have to be configured two or more, in order to make the production capacity of the production line can be balanced. The rational selection of equipment and the layout of the production site must be based on product and production to balance the comprehensive consideration.

Welding Welding Cable is connected welding machine and welding tongs (guns), welding and other insulated wire, for AC rated voltage 6000V and below the motor winding lead connection. The welding cable has a good electrical conductivity and an insulating outer layer.

Welding Cable requirements:

1) welding machine cable (welding line) is in the low voltage (maximum voltage of 200V) under the conditions of high current work, requires a certain heat resistance. The same time as the above-

2) The long-term permissible operating temperature of the cable should not exceed 65 ° C. The same time as the above-

3) The cable is frequently moved, twisted and cast, requiring soft, good bending performance. The same time as the above-

4) in the casting vulnerable to sharp steel components of the scraping, rub, so the requirements of cable insulation tear, wear and other mechanical properties. The same time as the above-

5) the use of environmental conditions such as sun, water boiling, contact with mud, oil, acid and alkali liquids, require a certain degree of weather resistance and oil resistance, solvent resistance. The same time as the above-

6) sometimes encountered hot welding parts, requiring good heat resistance deformation. The same time as the above-

7) often move, require small diameter, light weight.