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Welding Cable With Heat, Oil And No Flame Performance
- Jul 25, 2017 -

Welding Cable commonly known as welding wire, belonging to the rubber insulated cable category, is used for welding the second side of the wiring and connecting welding clamp, welding machine dedicated cable, which is characterized by: large current, low voltage. The jacket material is made of natural rubber or chloroprene rubber mixture, and the chloroprene rubber mixture sheath has heat resistance, oil resistance and no flame retardancy, therefore, can be applied to different occasions.

Welding wire are single-core, the conductor are oxygen-free copper, copper wire diameter is small, the number of roots, generally by a number of copper wire twisted into a strand, and then by a number of strands twisted into a conductor, so the Welding Cable Body thicker, hundreds of copper wire. Conductor Outer Layer Heat-Resistant Polyester Film Insulation. Model YH cable, insulation and sheath together for a layer, thicker, more than 1.8mm, the material for the natural rubber mixture; model YHF cable has two kinds of cover, one is neoprene mixture, the other Is a mixture of rubber and rubber mixture, with chloroprene rubber mixture as a jacket.

1.YH cable is in the low voltage (maximum voltage of 200V) under the conditions of high current work, requires a certain degree of patience.

2. Welding wire cable long-term allowable operating temperature should not exceed 65 ℃.

3. The motor leads the cable to move frequently, twist and cast, requiring soft, good bending performance.

4. In the cast vulnerable to sharp steel components of the scraping, rub, so the requirements of cable insulation tear, wear and other mechanical properties.

5. The use of environmental conditions such as sun, water boiling, contact with mud, oil, acid and alkali liquids, require a certain degree of weather resistance and oil resistance, solvent resistance.

6. Sometimes encountered hot welding parts, requiring good heat resistance deformation.

7. often move, require small diameter, light weight. Due to the lack of electrical performance of such cables, and the use of environmental conditions are complex, in the structural requirements to meet a variety of complex environmental factors is not appropriate. When used to improve the use of conditions to prevent external damage.

    Welding cable can be used for welding YHH-type rubber-coated software cable and YHHR-type special soft welding cable. Selection of welding cables should be from the temperature rise and voltage drop in two aspects to consider. On the length of 20 meters below the negligible effect of its pressure drop, and only by the current to choose, the current density of 4-10A per square.