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Welding Cable Waterproof Seal Greatly Improved
- May 31, 2017 -

"Welding Cable has become the mainstream of high-voltage cross-linked cable metal sets," a few days ago, some experts, China's power sector has been the choice of metal sets of the order is squeezed lead sets - squeeze aluminum sets - aluminum welding - aluminum Integrated sets. In the choice of metal cables on the use of cable, welding aluminum sets have been discriminated against, while the extrusion of aluminum sets are welcome, forcing some cable manufacturers at the expense of imported second-hand pressure aluminum machine. As the domestic aluminum sets of welding equipment continue to improve, continue to improve the means of detection and auxiliary water blocking materials continue to progress, so that the quality of welding aluminum and cable the overall waterproof seal greatly improved Welding Cable more and more users to accept.

Experts said that high-voltage cross-linked cable metal sets of equipment in foreign development has a long history. From 1797 onwards the use of extrusion method to produce cable lead, until 1900, almost all of the world's large cable factory is the use of piston-type extruder manufacturing lead cable. But because the lead of the mechanical strength is small, heavy weight, and later switched to lead alloy. But lead and lead alloy sets in the cable by vibration, repeated bending and thermal cycling occurs when the recrystallization, and thus the formation of fine cracks, reducing the water resistance. Aluminum sets include extruded (including aluminum and aluminum extrusion), welded and composite aluminum with three, of which land-based cable to weld the most applications. Due to the poor corrosion resistance of aluminum, submarine cable is no longer recommended the use of aluminum sets. Composite aluminum composite layer by the French first developed and used. Aluminum tape thickness of 0.1-0.3mm, single-sided coated polyethylene copolymer, longitudinal package on the cable core and cover the lid.

It is understood that, so far, in addition to Europe is still some 400k and 500kV cable on the use of lead sets, has basically abandoned the traditional vertical pressure aluminum machine, and extensive use of welding equipment. Although some cable companies in Europe and the United States, such as the United States Southern Cable Company, Germany ABB, France Silec (Silec) and Nexans (Nexans) and other high-voltage cross-linked cable in the use of various forms of metal sheath: aluminum + Package, lead bag + copper wire,Welding Cable smooth welded aluminum sleeve, corrugated aluminum sleeve, 69kV and 115kV grade cable also use aluminum belt bonded composite layer, but in addition to submarine cable with lead alloy sets, the most used land cable Is welded aluminum sleeve.