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Welding Cable The Importance Of Safety, Proficiency In Safety And Protection Skills
- Oct 24, 2017 -

Welding Cable is one of the professional types of accidents, so it is necessary to make each Welding Cable personnel pay attention to safety work, obey safety operation and management system, be familiar with Welding Cable safety technical requirements, implement relevant safety regulations conscientiously, take effective precautions. Welding Cable (hand arc Welding Cable) safe operation Technology mainly has the following aspects: ① to prevent electric shock, ② to prevent arc damage, ③ to prevent fire, ④ to prevent toxic gases and soot poisoning. Cable skills training aspects of safety hazards are as follows: ① to prevent electric shock, ② use rotating machinery; ③ knives.

So how do we fulfill our safety responsibilities?

1. The implementation of education is the basis

Implementation depends on awareness, no security awareness, there is no power to grasp the security, but also difficult to master the necessary safety protection skills. Safety awareness must know the dangers of insecurity, know the importance of safety, proficiency in a variety of security protection skills, and these need to continue the safety laws and regulations, rules and regulations, security cases, safety knowledge,Welding Cable operating skills of education and training. This requires the development of a safety education training program in training, that is to insist on the training of knowledge, science, but also to take into account the interest in training, the diversity of forms, but to let all staff active, active participation in training, consciously improve the safety quality and skills, to form from me to safety to the quality of the change.

2. The implementation of the system is a guarantee

System measures are good, if not to implement, or implementation is not resolute, not in place, then the system becomes a dead, will not receive the due effect. From the practice point of view, there are indeed some people to the implementation of the rules and regulations are not intended to grasp the strong enough, they often put the rules and regulations on the mouth, affixed to the wall, written in the book, many rules and regulations in the process to complete its historical mission. To ensure the stability of the company's safe production must change this bad work style, to take more practical measures to implement the system, we should put the existing safety production regulations, safety measures and systems carefully combed, see what has been implemented,Welding Cable which have not been implemented, which is not in place, the implementation and implementation is not in place, The implementation plan should be set up by article by item, and effective measures should be taken to ensure the implementation. The key to the implementation of the system in ordinary work, through the "pressure transfer" effect, strengthen the awareness of teachers, trainees safety production, so that teachers, students remember the rules, according to regulations.

3. The implementation of accountability is fundamental

Grasping the responsibility to implement is fundamental. The so-called "responsibility" can be expressed as "to occupy its place, to seek its political", "who is in charge, who is responsible for". Responsibility system can not be certain, responsibility can not be signed on the end, "responsibility" is only written on the paper, hanging on the wall, shouting in the mouth, and not put into action,Welding Cable is tantamount to no implementation of responsibility. Specifically to safety, we must establish and perfect the reward and punishment management system, strengthen the quantitative assessment of the safety production responsibility target, increase the target examination intensity, and strengthen the safety production responsibility investigation.

4. The focus is on the implementation of personnel.

Safety management is a system engineering, involving all aspects, up and down, workload, task heavy, responsibility. The realization of safe production depends on the coordination of people, things, environment and their relationship, and the coordination and implementation of all aspects of the relationship requires a strong organization. Some people grasp, is one of the most basic premise,Welding Cable the essence of the whole management is to control people. The perfection of personnel organization is the first condition to grasp the safety production work, only the organization is perfect, the work of safe production can be implemented. Grasping the implementation of the work of safety production, the key is to see the running state and the effect of the organization.