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Welding Cable Reasonable Use, Timely Maintenance
- Aug 11, 2017 -

Welding Cable Life from the power, but do not leave the transmission of the cable, the cable quality of the poor badly affect its safety. Cable material impure or unqualified, the cable core with copper conductor or aluminum conductor impure,Welding Cable processing cable core conductor material should be high-quality electrolytic copper or electrolytic aluminum version, the first made of circular wire, after pickling treatment (Or bare aluminum) conductor, and then through the vacuum bright annealing qualified as a core into the forest, through the multi-channel wrapped or injection of insulation, shielding, sheath and other processes And for the cable products, due to the core material impure, with more impurities, so that the conductive force decreased.

Cable core conductor nominal cross section does not meet the requirements. Cable production plant processing core interface than the nominal interface is small, is the unit current density is too large, want to cause abnormal heat, resulting in cable fire. Insulation material composition does not meet the requirements and poor processing, the result of the cable in the run to withstand pressure drop, insulation resistance is not qualified, easy to accelerate aging and cracking, easy to make the cable phase short circuit and ground fault.

In short, the online operation of the cable line electrical equipment, only the choice of good quality of the original, according to the procedures of installation, rational use, timely maintenance, strengthen fire awareness, improve the fire extinguishing system and the installation of advanced fire and alarm devices, cable fire will be reduced The

Welding Welding Cable is connected welding machine and welding tongs (guns), welding and other insulated wire, suitable for AC rated voltage 6000V and below the motor winding lead connection. The welding cable has a good electrical conductivity and an insulating outer layer.

Welding Cable requirements:

1) welding machine cable (welding line) is in the low voltage (maximum voltage of 200V) under the conditions of high current work, requires a certain heat resistance. The same time as

2) Long-term permissible operating temperature of cable should not exceed 65 ℃. The same time as

3) The cable is frequently moved, twisted and cast, requiring soft, good bending performance. The same time as

4) in the cast vulnerable to sharp steel components of the scraping, rubbing, it requires cable insulation tear, wear and other mechanical properties. The same time as

5) the use of environmental conditions such as sun, water boiling, contact with mud, oil, acid and alkali liquids, require a certain degree of weather resistance and oil resistance, solvent resistance. The same time as

6) sometimes encountered hot welding parts, requiring good heat resistance deformation. The same time as

7) often move, require small diameter, light weight.

The Welding Cable is suitable for installation in a dry or damp indoor, free, stress-free or forced-guided free continuous reciprocating motion. Frequent bending occasions in industrial environments such as woodworking machinery, engraving equipment, robotic equipment, robotic arm equipment, Medical equipment, glass cutting machine, machine tool processing equipment, logistics transportation system, crane occasions, the electromagnetic shielding anti-interference.