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Telephone Cable Reasonable Wiring Is Very Important
- Oct 24, 2017 -

In the network and Information age, the reasonable wiring of weak wires is very important. Telephone Cables, network lines, cable TV lines and sound lines and other weak wires in wiring the need to pay attention to what is the problem, let's look at the next.

Home furnishing circuit wiring not only to arrange good power, but also the distribution of weak electricity. Telephone Cables, network lines, cable TV lines and sound lines are called weak wires. Network and information in the era of such a well-developed, weak lines of the preset is not negligible. What problems should be paid attention to when the weak electricity wiring?

In the home decoration, the Telephone Cable, the network line, the cable television line wiring should pay attention to the following points:

1. Avoid strong wires: weak electrical signals belong to low-voltage electrical signals, anti-jamming performance is relatively poor, so weak wire line should try to avoid strong wires (power cord). National standards stipulate that the horizontal distance between the power cord and the socket and the TV line and socket should not be less than 50 cm.

2. Pay attention to Moistureproof: the distance between the edge of the socket from the ground in 30 centimeters is advisable. Generally speaking, these weak wires are often laid under the roof or floor, so in order to damp and easy to replace, these lines must be placed on the outside of a strong casing, and in the casing before the inspection line is open or short circuit.

3. Sufficient jack: To take into account the development and needs of family life, the general living room, each bedroom should be reserved for the laying of Telephone Cables, network lines, cable TV line Jack each other, and to be distributed in different walls, in order to change the location of electrical equipment. The health and kitchen can also be considered if a telephone jack is reserved, and the restaurant can also consider whether to reserve a pre-TV line Jack to watch TV for dinner.

4. Centralized control: With the advent of the Internet and the information age, it is common for a family to install two telephones or multiple machines on the Internet. In order to ensure the quality of all kinds of wire docking, and convenient maintenance, it is best to design a centralized control unit for Telephone Cable and network line at home. According to the location of the network line into the room to choose the Hall, the corridor, the study above some place, the design of a small box (shape such as power distribution box), so that all the external incoming Telephone Cables, network lines, cable TV lines have reached this box, at the same time in each room in the home phone jack, network Jack, Cable-TV jacks must also reach the wire box, which can be wired in line with the family needs. In order to ensure the signal quality need to add a TV signal Multiplex branch adapter in the online box, a network hub is also required if multiple computers in the home are connected to the Internet.