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Telephone Cable Post Management And Maintenance
- Jul 25, 2017 -

1. Telephone Cable through ADSL, the computer's digital signal modulation into analog line number spread through the Telephone Cable, to the opposite side is the telecommunications side, then the analog signal demodulation into digital signals. Internet cable is less modem this step.

2. Bandwidth issues. Telephone Cable by the physical bandwidth, the general bandwidth will not be too high (maximum broadband value of 8M), the network cable is relatively high physical bandwidth (good cable can reach 1000M or more)

Choosing a network cable and a Telephone Cable to share a network cable is common in small and medium enterprises, especially small business networks. Some network managers for the enterprise to save the integrated wiring of the funds to consider, in the telephone and network to do the neutral, select the network cable and Telephone Cable to share a network cable method as the current situation of the solution. In order to avoid post-management and maintenance and troubleshooting, it is not recommended to telephone and network to use a network cable.

The voltage in the Telephone Cable is 20V. When the phone calls, the phone line voltage rises to 48V, the phone will ring. When answering the hook, the Telephone Cable voltage will drop to 10V.

The Telephone Cable has a certain limit on the current, and the fuse is installed before entering the cable. Exchange equipment for a module out of the electricity, the Telephone Cable is 48V power supply, the line has been connected in series resistance, each end of about 600 ohms, the load is slightly exceeded, the switch will think of off-hook, this will affect the communication. When the phone rings, the power consumption is the largest, the circuit design has been taken into account the normal current, the average 48V DC per household does not exceed 20 mA. In a user terminal for a long time to take electricity 100A will be monitored by the monitoring equipment, automatically to the user closed.

The current use of program-controlled switches, DC feed voltage is 48V, because the lead-acid battery is floating charge, the phone when the actual voltage is about 50V. When the phone goes off-hook, the phone DC circuit connected, the phone has a current, then the voltage drop to 7-10V, depending on the length of the line, the phone varies.

After the phone goes off-hook, the current is not the same, affected by the user line, telephone and inter-office switching equipment. Generally in the 20-30mA. Hang up the current should be about 5 microamps.