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Telephone Cable Now Use The Wiring Of The Office System
- Oct 10, 2017 -

The Telephone Cable generally divides into 2 cores, 4 cores, (4 cores applies to the company or some group telephone use), 6 cores (6 cores are suitable for the digital telephone use). Two-core standard phone crystal Head is RJ32. Respectively called a line, B line, there is no positive and negative difference. As for the handset's four-conductor line, through a coil or integrated circuit out, to the handset needs four wires, two of the mic, and two other receivers. Generally buy two-core twisted pair, the conditions can be considered on the 4-core.

2-core is to go analog telephone signal (that is, the current use of local telephone mode), 4-core is to take the digital phone signal; Home decorating wiring is generally ranked 2 cable, a network of a telephone (the cost difference is not much). Telephone transmission requires only 2 phone lines, that is, the middle 2 core, in accordance with the standard wiring order, usually using red and green as a. Telephone transmissions, yellow and black for polar transmissions.

Four-core Telephone Cable, more for the current Office system wiring use: Like the network cable eight cores, the actual use of four-core, spare 2-core, four-core Telephone Cable is the same reason, with 2-core standby 2-core. In modern office communications, many imported communication terminals are 4-core Telephone Cable, only in the integrated wiring, considering the user's 2-5 years of development to cabling, to solve the actual needs of users.

The voltage in the Telephone Cable is 20V. When there is a telephone call, the Telephone Cable voltage rises to 48V, the phone will ring. When the pick is answered, the Telephone Cable voltage drops to 10V.

The Telephone Cable has a certain limit on the current, and a fuse is installed before entering the cable. Exchange equipment for a module out of the power, the Telephone Cable is 48V power supply, the line has been connected to the resistance, each end of about 600 ohms, the load is slightly more than, the switch will think of picking machine, so will affect communication. When the phone rings, the power consumption is the largest, the line design has taken into account the normal call current, the average 48V per household DC electricity does not exceed 20 ma. The monitoring device is monitored by a user at a long time when the 100A is taken, and the user is automatically shut down.

Currently used SPC, DC-fed voltage is 48V, because the lead-acid battery is floating work, the telephone when the actual voltage about DC 50V. When the phone is picked up, the telephone DC loop, the phone has current, then the voltage drop to 7-10v, depending on the length of the line, the phone different.