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Solar Cable Running Security, Is Efficient
- Jun 21, 2017 -

In the construction of photovoltaic power plants in addition to the main equipment, such as photovoltaic modules, inverters, step-up transformer, supporting the connection of photovoltaic Solar Cable materials on the overall profitability of photovoltaic power plants, operating safety, whether the same, The following is a brief introduction to the use of Solar Cables and materials commonly used in photovoltaic power plants and the use of the environment.

Solar Cable according to the system of photovoltaic power plants can be divided into DC Solar Cables and AC Solar Cables, according to the use and use of different types of environment are as follows:

1, DC Solar Cable

1) The series Solar Cable between the component and the component.

2) between the strings and their strings from the parallel distribution between the DC distribution box (confluence box).

3) DC distribution box to the Solar Cable between the inverter.

The above Solar Cables are DC Solar Cables, outdoor laying more, need moisture, anti-exposure, cold, heat, anti-ultraviolet, some special circumstances need anti-acid and other chemical substances.

2, AC Solar Cable

1) Connect the inverter to the step-up transformer.

2) Connect the transformer to the connecting Solar Cable of the power distribution unit.

3) Power distribution unit to the grid or user connection Solar Cable.

This part of the Solar Cable for the AC load Solar Cable, indoor environment laying more, in accordance with the general selection of power Solar Cable selection requirements.

3, photovoltaic dedicated Solar Cable

Photovoltaic power plant in a large number of DC Solar Cable to be outdoor laying, environmental conditions are poor, the Solar Cable material should be based on anti-ultraviolet, ozone, severe temperature changes and chemical erosion may be. Ordinary material Solar Cables used in this environment for a long time will cause the Solar Cable sheath to be fragile and even break down the Solar Cable insulation. These conditions will directly damage the Solar Cable system, but also increase the risk of short-circuit Solar Cable, from the medium and long term, the occurrence of fire or personnel injury is also more likely to greatly affect the system life. Therefore, the use of photovoltaic Solar Cables and components in photovoltaic power plants is very necessary. Photovoltaic Solar Cables and components not only have the best weather resistance, resistance to ultraviolet light and ozone erosion, but also can withstand a wider range of temperature changes.

4, the principle of Solar Cable design selection

1) The voltage withstand voltage of the Solar Cable is greater than the maximum voltage of the system. Such as 380V output AC Solar Cable, to elect 450 / 750V Solar Cable.

2) The connection between the inside and the square of the PV square, the selected Solar Cable rated current is calculated to be 1.56 times the maximum continuous current in the resulting Solar Cable.

3) AC load connection, select the rated current of the Solar Cable to calculate the maximum continuous current of the Solar Cable 1.25 times.

4) The connection of the inverter, select the rated current of the Solar Cable to calculate the maximum continuous current of the Solar Cable 1.25 times.

5) Consider the effect of temperature on the performance of the Solar Cable. The higher the temperature, the less the current carrying capacity of the Solar Cable, the Solar Cable should be installed in the place where the ventilation and cooling.

6) Consider a voltage drop of no more than 2%.

DC circuit in the operation is often affected by a variety of adverse factors caused by grounding, making the system can not run properly. Such as extrusion, poor Solar Cable manufacturing, insulation material failure, low insulation performance, DC system insulation aging, or the presence of certain damage defects can cause grounding or become a grounding hazard. Another small outdoor animal intrusion or bite will also cause DC ground fault. Therefore, in this case the general use of armored, with anti-rat function jacket Solar Cable.

3, photovoltaic power generation system Solar Cable construction

In the photovoltaic power generation project, the construction cost of the Solar Cable project is relatively large. The choice of the laying method has a direct impact on the construction cost. Therefore, it is an important part of the Solar Cable design work to plan and correctly choose the Solar Cable.

1, the laying of Solar Cable laying According to the engineering conditions, environmental conditions and Solar Cable specifications models, the number of factors such as comprehensive consideration, and meet the reliable operation, easy maintenance requirements and technical and economic principles to choose the rational. The laying of DC Solar Cables for photovoltaic power generation projects is mainly laying the laying of mattresses, laying of pipes, laying of troughs, laying of Solar Cable trenches and laying of tunnels.

The laying of AC Solar Cables is not very different from that of general power systems. DC Solar Cables are used between PV modules, between strings and DC converters, between converters and inverters, with a small cross-sectional area and a large number of Solar Cables. , DC Solar Cable in the laying of the general need to consider:

1) Connect the Solar Cables between the connecting Solar Cables and the strings and the connection boxes. As far as possible, the use of the component brackets as Solar Cable laying support and fixing can reduce the effect of environmental factors to a certain extent.

2) Solar Cable laying force to be uniform and appropriate, should not be too tight, the general temperature difference between day and night, should avoid thermal expansion and contraction caused by Solar Cable breakage.

3) in the building surface of the photovoltaic material Solar Cable lead, to consider the overall appearance of the building, laying the location should be avoided in the wall and the sharp edges of the bracket to lay the Solar Cable, so as not to cut, wear damage caused by short-circuit insulation, or shear cut off the wire Causing an open circuit. At the same time to consider the Solar Cable line was hit lightning and other issues.

4) rational planning Solar Cable laying path, reduce the cross, as far as possible the merger laying to reduce the project construction process of earth excavation and Solar Cable usage.

2, the Solar Cable connection PV power system in the DC Solar Cable for outdoor laying, connecting the main plug-in connection, can be protected in the pipe, the use of component bracket as a Solar Cable laying of the channel and fixed, reduce the impact of environmental factors The The other Solar Cables are connected in much the same way as Solar Cables in general power systems.