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Rubber Covered Wire And Cable Industry In China To Promote Energy-saving Emission Reduction Strategies
- Sep 06, 2016 -

As we all know, wire and cable industries are "heavy light" industries. Material procurement costs, labor wage costs, bank charges and sales costs, and directly linked to the economic efficiency of enterprises, especially sales intermediaries. Through Internet "+" can be directly connects manufacturers and users, eliminate the middle ground, remove the link in the sales chain, processes both direct docking, can greatly reduce the sales costs. Some experts pointed out that: "innovation in the marketing system, it is necessary to hold ' +' the Internet, take advantage of this low cost tool for changing existing patterns of sales and no longer is kidnapped by the major dealers and salesmen."

Traditional marketing model has been unable to meet the requirements of long-term development of cable enterprises, need to be thinking on the Internet looking for a way out. In today's highly advanced mobile Internet technologies, traditional cable industry still hold traditional market-oriented model of marketing, it is difficult to survive in the fierce competition. Combination of the cable business and e-commerce, and development needs of both industry and mainstream trends of future development of the industry. From 2012 onwards, there are some large wire and cable business to seize the trend of development, they mainly use "Taobao".