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PVC Electric Cable Use Of Green Environmental Protection
- Oct 24, 2017 -

PVC Electric Cable will drive the development of cable industry, enhance the competitiveness of cable production enterprises, and in the green practice and innovation, so that the cable industry on the road to sustainable development more stable. In recent years, China's cable enterprises gradually to PVC Electric Cable, low smoke halogen-free cable, and so on, as far as possible do not contain lead, cadmium, mercury and other heavy metals, do not contain brominated flame retardants, do not produce harmful halogen gases, do not produce corrosive gases, burning less heat, do not pollute the soil, etc.

Users of environmental-friendly wire and cable requirements, summed up the following points:

1 requires low lead and heavy metal content

It is well known that lead and certain heavy metals can adversely affect human health, while in PVC formulations, it is often necessary to mix additives such as lead, cadmium, barium and other heavy metal compounds. However, since the 90 's, some developed countries and big electric companies have enacted regulations,PVC Electric Cable in the use of PVC wire and cable, there are eight kinds of heavy metal content should not be greater than the provisions. These new rules both bring new business opportunities to wire and cable manufacturers and pose serious challenges to PVC cable manufacturers.

2 requires its low smoke and low hydrogen peroxide

Good flame retardant performance is a very obvious advantage of PVC wire and cable, however, the ordinary flame-retardant PVC cable in the fire burning, will release a thick black smoke and a large number of HCI gas, resulting in the fire after the "Two disasters", seriously affecting the evacuation of personnel and the development of Fire rescue work. Therefore, at the same time, in the case of flame-retardant wire and cable,PVC Electric Cable the requirements of "low smoke" and "low HCI" will be further put forward in some use occasions.

3 requires low toxicity or non-toxic

For some of the electrical appliances that may be in contact with food, blood products, medical and health appliances and children's electric toys, they require no lead, no heavy metals, and no poison (or low toxicity). This means that all ingredients used in PVC formulations should be non-toxic. The cable material contains a large number of plasticizers, but the manufacture of non-toxic materials must choose Non-toxic plasticizer. Therefore, this PVC material requirements than lead-free heavy metal material higher, the price is naturally more expensive.

4 other restricted

At present, the EU is under the jurisdiction of the law, the following items have been limited to ensure that wire and cable can compound environmental requirements. For example: 1 asbestos; 2) poly (biphenyl and its ethers, PBBs, 3) polychlorinated biphenyls (4) Short chain (C10~C13) chlorinated paraffin.

As environmental issues become more and more important, many countries have already formulated various environmental protection policies, so people prefer to use green PVC Electric Cable. Low Smoke halogen-free flame retardant cable material is one of the most popular PVC Electric Cables. Although China's market demand for green cable is growing, but compared with developed countries, China has a long way to go in relevant policy formulation and mandatory application, China should improve the PVC Electric Cable standard as soon as possible.