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PVC Electric Cable Improve Resource Utilization, Environmental Regulations
- Jul 12, 2017 -

PVC because of its good physical, chemical, electrical, flame retardant properties, the twentieth century, the seventies and seventies began to use soft PVC as the insulation material, China's PVC Electric Cable material development and application began in the fifties of last century. With the PVC resin, plasticizers and industrial additives to improve production capacity and the promotion and application of new varieties of development, the cable industry has a qualitative leap. In the 21st century, with the enhancement of human environmental awareness and the concern of people about their own health, environmental issues have become the focus of attention of human society. Many countries, regions and organizations have formulated strict standards and regulations to restrict the use of harmful substances. Is RolS and REACH regulations. To seek new ways to improve the utilization of resources, to meet the requirements of environmental regulations, environmental protection PVC Electric Cable material came into being, and quickly become the current development of PVC Electric Cable material one of the themes.

PVC Electric Cable (cable) market demand for the ever-changing and expansion of PVC and a variety of new additives (such as flame retardants, smoke suppressants) in-depth study, the rent of PVC materials, new technologies, new materials, new products The promotion and application. In the cable industry to use a large number of organic materials (such as plastic, rubber), the amount of PVC Electric Cable material in the first of our organic materials.

In 1984, China's PVC Electric Cable material production of about 169,000 tons, accounting for about 13.4% of the total amount of PVC resin; in 2000, PVC Electric Cable material production has reached 254,000 tons. With the PVC resin, plasticizers and industrial additives to improve production capacity and the promotion of new varieties and application development, the cable industry has a qualitative leap.

At present, China's cable industry has developed rapidly, the existing nearly 4,000 cable manufacturers, more than 300 cable materials plant, only in Yunnan Province, there are more than 40 production scale of different sizes of wire factory.

At present, the cable manufacturers of cable materials on the application and requirements are very different: ① part of the large-scale heavy reputation, re-quality cable manufacturers on the PVC material requirements are high, in addition to product performance to "PVC Electric Cable with soft poly (GB 8815-88, GB8815-2000), but also corresponding, such as density, hardness, economic performance and other technical indicators and product performance requirements; ② part of the small-scale cable factory to low-cost products To participate in the fierce market competition, which in addition to product performance to meet the assessment indicators, but also consider the cost of materials.

All in all, the cable manufacturers in order to reduce the cost of production materials, improve economic efficiency, to meet market demand and competition, in different periods of PVC material requirements and development is different. Nearly 20 years, the development and application of PVC materials generally experienced ordinary PVC, flame retardant PVC, non-lead PVC, PVC technology and other special stage.

PVC PVC Electric Cable environmental requirements

The same time as the above-

Developed countries are strictly prohibited to use non-environmentally friendly cable, China also attaches great importance to this area. China's relevant laws and regulations stipulate that important buildings prohibit the use of PVC PVC Electric Cable, must use halogen-free low smoke cross-linked polyolefin insulated PVC Electric Cable to avoid a large number of smoke when the smoke, chlorine, causing casualties.

The same time as the above-

Environmental protection cable will be a strong driving cable industry development, enhance the competitiveness of cable manufacturers, and green practice and innovation, the cable industry in the sustainable development of the road more and more stable. In recent years, China's cable enterprises to environmental protection cable, low smoke and halogen-free cable and other directions, as far as possible does not contain lead, cadmium, mercury and other heavy metals, does not contain brominated flame retardants, does not produce harmful halogen gas, Do not produce corrosive gases, burning less heat, do not pollute the soil, etc., environmental protection cable will be more favored by the market, in the grid company tender more easily get high orders.