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PVC Electric Cable Cable Industry Has A Qualitative Leap
- Jul 03, 2017 -

PVC Electric Cable composition of the main components are: polyvinyl chloride resin, dioctyl phthalate, stabilizers, plasticizers, inorganic fillers, fillers, lubricants, antioxidants, colorants and other mixed kneading Extruded to prepare the composition.

The plasticizer content is usually between 50PHR and 60PHR. Often choose heat resistance and electrical insulation properties Excellent plasticizer In order to better improve the heat resistance can be added trioctyl trimellitate. A variety of plasticizers together with the usual effect is the best, in fact PVC Electric Cable formulations in the plasticizer are also used together. Insulating strong PVC Electric Cable main agent can choose phosphate, phthalate as the main agent is applicable to the general level. The thermal resistance and volatility of the plasticizer are the decisive factors in the high temperature performance of the cable material.

PVC because of its good physical, chemical, electrical, flame retardant properties, the twentieth century, the seventies and seventies began to use soft PVC as the insulation material, China's PVC Electric Cable development and application began in the fifties of last century. With the PVC resin, plasticizers and industrial additives to improve production capacity and the promotion and application of new varieties of development, the cable industry has a qualitative leap. In the 21st century, with the enhancement of human environmental awareness and the concern of people about their own health, environmental issues have become the focus of attention of human society. Many countries, regions and organizations have formulated strict standards and regulations to restrict the use of harmful substances. Is RolS and REACH regulations. To seek new ways to improve the utilization of resources, to meet the requirements of environmental regulations, environmental protection PVC Electric Cable came into being, and quickly become the current development of PVC Electric Cable one of the themes.

PVC Electric Cable (cable) market demand for the ever-changing and expansion of PVC and a variety of new additives (such as flame retardants, smoke suppressants) in-depth study, the rent of PVC materials, new technologies, new materials, new products The promotion and application. In the cable industry to use a large number of organic materials (such as plastic, rubber), the amount of PVC Electric Cable in the first of our organic materials.

In 1984, China's PVC Electric Cable production of about 169,000 tons, accounting for about 13.4% of the total amount of PVC resin; in 2000, PVC Electric Cable production has reached 254,000 tons. With the PVC resin, plasticizers and industrial additives to improve production capacity and the promotion of new varieties and application development, the cable industry has a qualitative leap.

At present, China's cable industry has developed rapidly, the existing nearly 4,000 cable manufacturers, more than 300 cable materials plant, only in Yunnan Province, there are more than 40 production scale of different sizes of wire factory.

As environmental issues become more and more important, many countries have developed various environmental policies, so people are more inclined to use green cables. Low smoke halogen-free flame retardant cable material is one of the more popular environmentally friendly cable. Although China's market demand for green cable is growing, but compared with developed countries, China in the relevant policy development and mandatory applications still have a long way to go, China should improve environmental cable standards as soon as possible.