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Power Alumium Cable Operation And Maintenance Is Very Important
- Nov 02, 2017 -

The operation of the Power Alumium Cable is one of the important links in the production of electric power. The safety of the Power Alumium Cable is related to the safety of the enterprise and the safety of the people's life and property. It is simple to introduce the relevant problems in the operation and maintenance of the Power Alumium Power Alumium Cable.

First, the characteristics of Power Alumium Cable lines

Power Alumium Cable line refers to the use of Power Alumium Cable transmission line, which is mainly composed of the Power Alumium Cable body, Power Alumium Cable connector, the end of the electrical line, etc., also includes the corresponding civil facilities, such as Power Alumium Cable trench, pipe, shaft, tunnel and so on. Generally located in the ground, there are overhead or underwater laying.

Compared with overhead lines, Power Alumium Cable lines have the following main advantages:

① not subject to natural weather conditions (such as lightning, wind and rain, smoke, pollution, etc.) interference

② not affected by the growth of trees along the line;

③ conducive to urban landscaping;

④ does not occupy the ground corridor, the same underground channel can accommodate multiple lines;

⑤ help to prevent electric shock and safe use of electricity;

⑥ maintenance costs small. But also the following shortcomings;

⑦ the same wire cross-sectional area, the transmission current than the overhead line of small:

⑧ investment and construction costs doubled, and with the increase in voltage increases;

⑨ fault repair time is longer.

Second, the Power Alumium Cable test and acceptance put into operation

In addition to carrying out the transfer test and preventive test, in the construction process should also be insulation test to identify the construction of the various aspects of the Power Alumium Cable quality and process quality. Before the laying of the Power Alumium Cable before the test to identify the Power Alumium Cable cup; laying, laying before the test to identify the Power Alumium Cable in the laying of any damage; Power Alumium Cable head after the completion of the test to identify the quality of the Power Alumium Cable head; Power Alumium Cable before and after maintenance Test to identify the quality of maintenance. The main contents of the inspection are as follows:

(1) the Power Alumium Cable should be arranged neatly, the Power Alumium Cable fixed and bending radius should be consistent with the design drawings and the relevant provisions of the system should be no mechanical damage, signs should be installed complete, correct and clear. Oil and paper insulation Power Alumium Cable and oil-filled Power Alumium Cable terminal, the middle joint should be no leakage of oil;

(2) Power Alumium Cable trenches and tunnels should be no debris, Power Alumium Cable trench cover should be complete, the tunnel lighting, ventilation, drainage and other facilities should meet the design requirements;

(3) The signature pile of the buried Power Alumium Cable shall conform to the actual path and the spacing shall meet the requirements. Signs should be clear, strong, durable; (4) underwater Power Alumium Cable lines on both sides of the ban on the area and the night lighting device should meet the design requirements.

Third, the Power Alumium Cable line operation Notes

(1) Do not run over a long time or overheat. Therefore, do not ignore the Power Alumium Cable load current and outside temperature, joint temperature monitoring;

(2) Power Alumium Cable line feeder protection should not be reclosed. Power Alumium Cable line failure for the permanent failure, if the reclosing action, it is bound to expand the accident, threatening the stable operation of the power grid;

(3) After the Power Alumium Cable line of the Power Alumium Cable line trips, do not ignore the inspection of the Power Alumium Cable. Focus on checking whether the Power Alumium Cable path mining, wire damage, if necessary, through the test to further check the judge;

(4) Buried Power Alumium Cable operation check to pay special attention: the Power Alumium Cable path near the ground can not easily dig; Power Alumium Cable near the ground are not allowed to scale heavy objects, corrosive substances, temporary buildings; Power Alumium Cable path signs piles and protection facilities can not move, ;

(5) After the Power Alumium Cable line is deactivated, it must be re-tested before it can be put into operation. If the Power Alumium Cable is shut down for more than one week but less than one month, the insulation resistance should be measured before re-operation. Do not drop by 30% compared with the previous test record. Otherwise, the voltage test should be done. If the power failure exceeds one month but less than one year , The surface pressure test must be done, the test voltage can be half of the preventive test voltage; power outage time exceeds the test cycle, must do preventive test.