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Market Supervisory Authority To Carry Out Cable Special Enforcement And Inspection
- Sep 06, 2016 -

To further enhance the area of wire and cable quality, protection of personal and property safety of the residents, yanghe new wire and cable market regulatory authority recently carried out a special inspection of law enforcement actions.

Law enforcement personnel in-depth area construction site, used fast discriminant method on engineering in the using of wire cable for early measuring, interception 1M of wire cable within core said heavy, through formula calculation: weight ÷ length ÷ copper of density 8.92, get of cross cut face value and wire cable specifications for than on, on poor value is greater than 10% of wire cable for sampling sends, perfect evidence chain, on test not qualified of wire cable for investigation, greatly of improve has law enforcement efficiency, reduced has law enforcement cost.

Up to now, yanghe new market supervision and law enforcement personnel were deployed 20 people, 5 check the construction site, and does not meet the standard wires and cables 1, law enforcement has been made to the cable manufacturer to initiate an investigation.