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High Quality Cable Production Requirements
- Sep 06, 2016 -

Science and technology is the first productivity. Combined with our wire and cable industry, the quality of the product is the first productive force. Only produce quality cable, to provide users with safe and comfortable service, so our mission truly accomplished. And widespread shoddy products currently on the market, the low price competition, this is a short-term operation, is not desirable.

Want to produce quality wire and cable products, must in all aspects not sloppy, not relaxed, strict application and implementation of industry standards, can be fulfilled. Here, the author discusses some methods of producing quality products in personal experience, and hope to be able to peer and user help.

When materials such as copper, aluminum pole into the wire and cable business workshop, must go through performance tests, check the resistance, elongation, tensile strength standards, and also to observe the appearance of light have oxidation spots and so on. And make sure when drawing the filament diameter, deviation, ellipses should meet the process requirements. Under normal circumstances, monofilament the surface should be clean, neat, not have obvious defects such as oxidation, Burr and oil. In order to facilitate the power cable bend, copper and aluminum conductors should be soft and easy to operate.