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Formation Of The Renewable Resource Recycling System For The Scrap Cable Recovery Opens The Market
- Sep 06, 2016 -

Cable scrap recycling for metals, only began, the most common way is to burn, burning line after removing the skin. This method of low-purity metals recycling, and burning a lot of black smoke, seriously polluting the environment. This method has been banned. Professional equipment of copper wire and cable stranding machines recycling, separation of copper wire, copper and plastics, copper metal and plastic can be recycled, high efficiency, and high yield potential, good, fast, good recycling is the correct handling of waste wires and cables of the cable channel. Scrap cable recovery China has for a long time, every year there will be a lot of being eliminated because of the aging of wires and cables, these cables are copper or aluminum wire scrap, For waste cable wire of recycling again processing became a items good environmental of investment. cable after long time of using will caused skin of corrosion or within core damaged, to guarantee production of smooth for or can timely power, must to replaced waste cable, so annual are has large of cable was abandoned, these was abandoned of cable in the are is copper or aluminum line, on these abandoned cable for recycling is a resources again using of environmental project.

Through technical innovation, cable recycling production waste and less pollution, separation of the increasingly high purity metals and plastics. Invest in recycling of waste cables can get good returns, but also reduce pollution, improve the quality of our living environment.