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Domestic Wire And Cable Manufacturers On How To Break The Traditional Production Process
- Sep 06, 2016 -

Aluminum cable eight years to enter China because Chinese market and aluminum cable-free products before, so more specifically for aluminum cable-free connection technology, and terminals. Professional of aluminum cable production manufacturers actually are realized that aluminum cable application in the if using originally for aluminum cable of copper aluminum transition Terminal is errors of, and not science of connection technology solution programme and the domestic in Cable construction installation, and cable daily maintenance, exists cannot specification of reality problem, also are clear if using copper aluminum, transition terminal as connection technology solution programme will left security hidden, are know aluminum cable products need used and by connection of aluminum cable performance phase consistent of dedicated aluminum copper connection terminal programme. For eight years, these manufacturers have been trying to avoid this problem, but are trying to, trying to solve the puzzle. Also used during connection terminal manufacturer to discuss and seek solutions.

In recent years, the traditional low-voltage cables falling profit margins, high-end specialty cable profits because of the high threshold, filled with cable companies trying to attract more and more production. But so far, the special cable market in China, most are occupied by foreign-funded enterprises, directly because of technical differences. The resulting cable manufacturer in China in the long end of the market competition in the worst, profit margins are being squeezed. Some high-end specialty cables, domestic production capacity and supply cannot meet the actual demand, in recent years, special cable of the growth over 20%.