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2016 Special Wires And Cables For Aeronautical Use Domestic High-end Market
- Sep 06, 2016 -

President 17th in Beijing met air force 12th Party Congress stressed the need to focus the party under the new situation of strong military objectives to strengthen the army more revolutionary, modernized and regularized, accelerate the construction of a space body, powerful offensive and defensive air force of the people. Analysis of the industry, with China's aviation industry for a new round of peaks, special cables for use in aircraft or usher in big business.

At present, air cable consists of four major categories: air grid assembly lines and power cables (about 80%), aircraft engine high temperature fire-resistant cables, aerial communications, aviation and special cables data cables. In defence and military equipment for a missile in the aerospace high temperature resistant cables need only 200 km; equipment-electronic warfare vehicles, required special shielded cables of up to 300 kilometers. China's development of space shuttle technology need to use a lot of heat resistant cables, will promote aerospace high temperature cable product demand continues to increase.