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Wire and cable manufacturing upgrades to achieve some breakthrough
- Sep 06, 2016 -

It is understood that in the context of the world, China's wire and cable output value has exceeded the United States, as the world's largest electric wire and cable producer. Along with China's wire and cable industry rapid development and rising number of new enterprises, industry overall technological level has been greatly improved. Wire and cable industry belongs to the basic industries, now occupies a Chinese electrical industry one-fourth value, known as the national economy "artery" and "nerve".

However, in the view of the industry, the head of "world first" shadow, domestic wire and cable industry, there are number of enterprises, competitive independent innovation capacity, low industrial concentration and multiple problems such as inadequate. To this end, the wire and cable manufacturers in the country are open layout transformation, seeking new opportunities, or cross-border access to fields such as new energy, or mergers, or meet the Internet "+" wave and so on, in order to find a new blue ocean for wire and cable industry. 1 excessive competition led to excess capacity.

It is reported that as the second largest machinery industry after vehicle, product variety to meet China's wire and cable industry rates and the domestic market share of more than 90%. But overall, compared to countries such as Europe, Japan, China's wire and cable industry still walk on the path of extensive development, the "big but not strong" problems, particularly in such areas as brand management and research and development, application of new technologies needs to be improved.