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Wire and cable manufacturing process
- Sep 06, 2016 -

1. Copper single control

Commonly used copper wire and cable, aluminum rods, at room temperature, drawing machine by one or few die of drawing die, increased to reduce cross-section, length and strength. Drawing is the first wire and cable company procedures, drawing die technology is the main process parameters.

2. Single wire annealing

Copper filament is heated to a certain temperature, recrystallization method to improve monofilament toughness, reducing the strength of filament, to meet the requirements of wire and cable of conductive wire core. Annealing processes key to prevent the oxidation of copper wire.

3. Twisted conductors

In order to improve the flexibility of wire and cable, for easy installation installation, conductor single core cables wires twisted together. From the conductive core stranded form, can be divided into regular twist and irregular stranded. Irregular stranded into bundles twisted, concentric double strand, special twist. In order to reduce the area occupied, reduce the geometric dimensions of the cable of the wire, stranded conductors used to squeeze and make round mutates into a semicircle, fan-shaped, w-shaped and pressed round. Such conductors are mainly used in electric power cable.