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Promoting the development of cable industry strategies and recommendations
- Sep 06, 2016 -

(A) merger and reorganization, optimization

For cable enterprises, small scale, dispersion of the industry chain as well as, the implementation of the merger and reorganization of enterprises is clearly necessary. This requires that Government departments at all levels to correctly Guide and coordinate actively help the merger and reorganization of enterprises. Encourage the transfer of key enterprises by ownership, the acquisition of assets and other corporate restructuring. While also encouraging enterprises through equity financing, asset restructuring, and strengthening cooperation and exchange with the international first-class enterprise, fight for our own industry bigger and stronger, and to enhance their international competitiveness.

(B) restructuring and upgrading, and seize the heights

To accelerate industrial restructuring and upgrading, give good policies in countries on the basis of, starting from their own, strengthening research, establish and improve the production system of production, teaching and research integration, through the establishment of enterprise's technology research and development centers and technology testing center to improve the ability of scientific research and innovation. And also to encourage small and medium enterprises transition from tradition to the special cable production, specialized and fine for new development. In industrial upgrading and transformation on the basis of strengthened cooperation with foreign enterprises, strive for a place in the international market, and enhance their core competitiveness.