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Identify quality of wire and cable
- Sep 06, 2016 -

How to identify the wires inside the cable quality:

First, Copper material quality of high-purity oxygen-free copper cable, bright copper core, on the copper surface is dull. Extrusion machines

Second, plastic quality of Virgin plastics, good bending properties, to bend the cables do not generate texture, recycled plastic bent of the difference after a few apparent texture, bent several times after the break. --Cable equipment

Three tamper with, the number of feet meters in meter may be more difficult to find, because customers are generally not actual measurement meters number of devices, using the same measuring method will be able to know whether cable feet meters. Or factories printing of m standard time is also a good way to note, however, is less than 5mm is no way to print the line of meters in diameter.

Four-foot copper is a metal, if losses on the copper diameter, can reduce a lot of the cost of material, so you need a micrometer to measure the diameter of copper wire. Without micrometer, the easier way is to take the whole rolls of wires to see if cable is much lighter than the quality. Or can refer to the factory's nominal weight. Some factories are given low nominal weight of, of course, is not to ensure product quality.