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How to grasp the opportunity to occupy the international market
- Sep 06, 2016 -

China wire cable career, is international Shang health production maximum of national, but severe remaining of capacity, most is low-end commodity, manufacturing career of concentrated degrees length often low of, market has always been in a melee of status, without exaggerated to said, can review, hold blocking "cut throat type" of race nowhere is not, and not a company can was considered real of guide who of market share, profit, brand influence and international race force,, this is a not race of actual.

Because typical data of wires and cables, light worker, from 70% to 80% per cent of the total cost of the raw materials prices. Therefore, raw materials quality largely affect the quality of wire and cable products. Small businesses can supply cheap products, are plays on raw materials, the quality of the product it is conceivable that continued high copper price consolidation trend in recent times, some shoddy spectacle.