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How to choose a home cable?
- Sep 06, 2016 -

With the development and popularization of household appliances, household electricity consumption increasing rapidly, in order to ensure the safety of families, when consumers buy, use wire should be aware of the following:

, Wires and cell surface markers

According to the national standard, wire surface should have a manufacturer name, product type and rated voltage of symbols in a row. Which is conducive to the wire can be found in a timely manner when problems occur in the process of using factories, consumers in choosing wire be sure to pay attention to this point. Consumers in the purchase of the wire at the same time attention should be indicated on the certificate of the manufacturer name, product type, rated voltage and wire surface printed signs that are consistent to prevent counterfeit products.

Second appearance, wire

Consumers should pay attention to when buying wire wire should look smooth, insulating and sheathing layer damage marks printed clearly, fingerprint wires without the greasy feeling.

Three-conductor wire diameter

Consumers should pay attention to when buying wire conductor diameter is consistent with the section on their certificate, if smaller conductor cross section, it could be the hot wire caused a short circuit.