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Difference between wires and common wire
- Sep 06, 2016 -

Common insulation wires and wires as difference and wires through the test or certification, while ordinary cable is not. Most common insulation wires and wires had no significant difference in appearance, but the wires on the printed content combined with ZR. Foreign standards such as UL flame ratings according to different are printed with VW-1 or CMP,CMR and so forth.

Flame retardant cables, is under the specified test conditions, specimen being burned, after removing test fire, flames spread only in a limited scope, residual or residual burning-flame went out of itself within the time limit of the cable. Fundamental characteristics are: in case of fire may be burnt out and not running, but can prevent the spread of the fire. Generally speaking, wiring in case of fire, burning restrictions in the local scope, does not spread to keep other devices to avoid more losses.