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Buy wiring tips
- Sep 06, 2016 -

Saying goes, each household can not live without wires and cables. Small series today and share with you China's wire and cable deals online purchasing considerations. General according to their load to purchase appropriate wires, and wires and cables are described in the manual to see the raw material components, model specifications, and so on, so as to reduce security risks, while also making life may be long. Specifically, there are three points of concern:

1. wire appearance

Buy wire should note the appearance of the wires to see if smooth, insulation and protective layers without damage, logo printing is clear, when you touch the wire without the greasy feeling. Seen from the cross-section of the wires, and wires on the entire circumference of the thickness of the insulating or sheathing should be uniform, not core, the thickness of the insulating or sheathing should get some.

2. conductor wire diameter

Should pay attention to when buying wire conductor diameter is consistent with the section on their certificate, if smaller conductor cross section, it could be the hot wire caused a short circuit. Recommended home lighting circuit wires 1.5 mm square and specifications of the products above, power appliances such as air conditioners, microwave ovens should be used 2.5 sq mm and above wires.

3. regulate the use

Specifications wiring, fixed-line BV best single-core thread pipe, note in wiring and the decoration of the room, don't hit the wire, in the same route, not joint; wire connected to the electrical box (box) do not touch the line.